Friday, March 11, 2016

Surveying the Environment

Hi there.  This is BC the Tech Girl and it's time for another edition of The Dolphin Hoop.  This week is all about surveying our environment and getting the lay of the land.  Before jumping into the internet ocean we need to understand the equipment our surfer dudes and dudettes are using here at school.  This knowledge is like getting the weather report before heading to the beach.  Before your tadpoles jump into the cyberspace we need to know what tools they already have at their disposal.

Here at the Creek we have SmartBoards or Mimios in almost every room.  Each room also has a data projector and document camera.  These tools are used to expose students to rich media content and interactive lessons not just in our regular classrooms but in Art, Music, Library and PE as well.
Mrs. Pfirman teaching an Art Lesson using her SmartBoard.

The MimioTeach turns an ordinary dry erase board
into a complete interactive whiteboard system. 

Each room in the building has 6 desktop computers that students use throughout the day, in addition to 60 laptops that are available for teachers to checkout.

Each teacher has a staff iPad and we have approximately 40 student iPads that teachers checkout to use in their classrooms.

At the Creek we are using technology everyday in every classroom.  Technology is as much a part of these 21st century learners' environment as textbooks were for their parents.

I hope this gives you a clearer picture of the technological environment at our school.  Next time I hope to identify some of the creatures that are native to this environment, i.e. the apps and websites we frequently use to teach your children.  However, for now this is BC the Tech Girl jumping through hoops to bring you the latest technology news!!

Monday, February 29, 2016

Getting Started

Hi.  I'm BC the Tech Girl and this is my inaugural post on my new technology blog.  I hope that the Dolphin Hoop will help parents and students learn more about the Technology being used here at Bradley Creek and how to keep each other safe when we venture onto the internet.  It's a big scary world out there and we have to teach our youngest internet surfers to stay safe.  As parents, we would never send our little surfer dudes out into the great big ocean without first knowing how to swim.  This is true for cyber space too.  We need to educate our fledgling internet surfers so they can stay safe while they surf.  Over the next few weeks I hope to explore these issues and answer all your burning technology questions!  So hang on gang it's going to be quite the adventure.  For now this is BC the Tech Girl, jumping through hoops to bring you the latest technology news!